PrimeValue Campaign

Campaign Period:

10 October 2019 - 31 December 2019


  1. Individuals;
    • Individuals aged eighteen (18) years old and above;
    • Malaysian citizens, permanent residents and non-residents except for individuals from countries which are not acceptable to MBSB Bank;
    • Joint Account holders;
    • Individuals below the age of eighteen (18) years old subject to the account being operated by a Trustee (Parents or Legal Guardians);
    • Malaysian citizens and permanent residents under Trustee Account;
  2. Non-Individuals;
    • Association / Club / Societies / School / Religious Group;
    • Sole Proprietorship / Partnership.


Employees of the Bank, permanent/contract and their immediate family members (i.e children, spouses) are eligible to participate in the Campaign but NOT entitled to participate/win the cash prizes in PRIMEWIN CASA-i CAMPAIGN.

Participating Accounts:

  • PrimeWin CASA-i and Term Deposit-i (TD-i); or
  • PrimeWin Savings Account-i (under Trust Account) and Junior Term Deposit-i (JTD-i).

Minimum Placement:

  Placement Amount Placement Ratio
Term Deposit-i (6 Months) RM22,500 75:100
Primewin CASA-i (earmarks for 6 Months) RM7,500 25:100

Maximum Placement:

No maximum amount for each placement of TD-i/ PrimeWin CASA-i.

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