No. Product Name Product Code Deposit Type Currency Shariah Contract
1 Wise Saver Savings Account-i 0352lR0200400001 Savings Deposit RM Tawarruq
2 Cheeky Savings Account-i 0352lR0200400003 Savings Deposit RM Tawarruq
3 Cash Rich Savings Account-i 0352lR0200400002 Savings Deposit RM Tawarruq
4 Basic Current Account-i 0352lR0100400003 Demand Deposit RM Tawarruq
5 PrimeRich Current Account-i 0352lR0100400001 Demand Deposit RM Tawarruq
6 Escrow Account-i 0352lR0100400002 Demand Deposit RM Tawarruq
7 Term Deposit-i 0352lR0600400001 Commodity Murabahah RM Tawarruq
8 Junior Term Deposit-i 0352lR0600400002 Commodity Murabahah RM Tawarruq
9 Commodity Murabahah-i 0352lM0600300002 Commodity Murabahah RM & Foreign Murabahah
10 Foreign Currency Current Account-i 0352lF0100400001 Demand Deposit Foreign Tawarruq
11 PrimeWin Savings Account-i 0352lR0200400004 Savings Deposit RM Tawarruq
12 PrimeWin Current Account-i 0352lR0100400005 Demand Deposit RM Tawarruq

Last Update: 25 September 2019

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