Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program


  • Total Contributions Donated Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic

    31 December

  • MBSB Bank’s Sejahtera Programme

    14 September

    MBSB Bank’s Sejahtera Programme beneficiary in Alor Gajah, Melaka received mock house key during the handover ceremony. The ceremony was graced by Head Strategic Communications Department, Puan Zuhaznim Izzuddin.

  • Cooking Oil For Cleaning

    7 March

    Cooking oil is often disposed through the kitchen sink and it causes kitchen pipe obstruction. A better way to handle that is by upcycling its usage by turning it into soap. MBSB Bank’s internal CSR ‘Cooking Oil For Cleaning’ in collaboration with Ecoknights shared methods that will not only reduce pollution, but it can be also be a fun activity to do with family and friends.

  • Cooking For A Cause

    21 February

    MBSB Bank kick-started its first Internal CSR in 2020 with Cooking For A Cause programme. In collaboration with Food Aid Foundation, Cooking for A Cause addresses the need for nutritious food amongst the needy. This time around, MBSB Bank employees prepared and cooked for a charity home in Klang Valley.


  • Beach Cleaning Santubong

    30 December

    Despite the rainy weather, MBSB Bank employees in Kuching were determined to clean the beach, in the spirit of saving the environment.

  • Flood Relief

    28 December

    Understanding the plight of flood victims, MBSB Bank contributed basic necessities to those affected by flood in Kelantan.

  • Superpark

    23 November

    In promoting active lifestyle, MBSB Bank organised a school holiday programme where employees and their children can try out different sports activities at the indoor theme park.

  • Blood Donation

    22 November

    The country is in dire need of blood to help save patients in critical health condition. MBSB Bank worked with the National Blood Bank in organising a blood donation drive where MBSB Bank employees donated the gift of life.

  • Beach Cleaning Kota Kinabalu

    2 November

    Tanjung Aru beach is a popular tourist attraction, and to maintain its cleanliness, MBSB Bank employees from Kota Kinabalu volunteered to collect rubbish at the beach.

  • Tree Planting Kota Tinggi

    2 November

    Gunung Panti Recreational Forest is a forest reserve that requires rehabilitation and MBSB Bank employees helped plan trees in the area to help improve the landscape.

  • Oxygenation Boat Race Putrajaya

    5 October

    MBSB Bank rowing team, ‘Waverunners’ won second runner up at the boat race tournament.

  • River Clean Up Kuala Kerteh

    17 September

    MBSB Bank employees from East Coast volunteered to clean up Pantai Muara Kerteh.

  • River Clean Up Sg Selangor

    17 September

    As one of the most important water source in the country, Sungai Selangor needs to be cleaned and preserved. It is also home to fireflies and other creatures which are important for biodiversity.

  • Tree Planting Nibong Tebal

    7 September

    A mangrove conservation programme participated by MBSB Bank employees in the northern region.

  • Kidzania

    17 August

    Children of MBSB Bank employees get to experience working in different industries by role-playing activities at this interactive edutainment theme park.

  • Malayan Tapir Conservation

    29 June

    The Sg. Dusun Wildlife Conservation Centre has been dedicated place for Jabatan Perhilitan to conserve the Malayan Tapir. Since 2004, they have worked with Malaysian Nature Society to bring awareness to the public on the importance of safeguarding our local wildlife to maintain the biodiversity in the country. 40 employees were very fortunate to visit the centre and be part of the conservation program.

  • Seminar BH Didik 2019 Phase 2

    24 June

    MBSB Bank in collaboration with the NSTP Group – BH Didik continuously organized Seminar BH Didik 2019 Phase 2 for its adopted schools, by focusing more on answering techniques as well as acquiring the right knowledge and skills in facing the national examination test.

  • Soup Kitchen

    25 May

    In collaboration with Parti Tindakan Wanita (PERTIWI), MBSB Bank gathered 40 volunteers every month to serve the destitute community at Jalan Medan Tuanku, Kuala Lumpur.

  • Seminar BH Didik 2019 Phase 1

    13 April

    MBSB Bank in collaboration with the NSTP Group – BH Didik had organized Seminar BH Didik 2019 Phase 1 which helps inspire and encourage MBSB Bank adopted schools’ students to prepare themselves mentally and physically for their UPSR examination. For the first phase, they focusing on study techniques according to exam standards and understanding the examination format.

  • Sejahtera Program - Key Handover Ceremony

    25 February

    Chief Corporate Officer, Puan Azlina Mohd Rashad handed the mock house key to Sejahtera Programme beneficiary Encik Farul Rafizi at the key handover ceremony.


  • ILHAM Program

    Impacting Lives, Heightening Aspirations by MBSB Bank to showcase MBSB Bank’s commitment in empowering students by providing equal opportunities for its adopted schools in providing intensive and fun learning approach for the student through explorative and experimental learning as well as visionary learning. The programme is designed to inspire and encourage the students to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for their UPSR examination.

  • 'No To Bully Campaign'

    MBSB Bank initiated the awareness campaign amongst students on bullying which has become a worrying issue in Malaysia by focusing more on the root cause of bullying, how to deal with it and the importance of the student future.

  • River Cleaning

    10 November

    In an effort to stem the loss of biodiversity, cleaning was organized at Sungai Selangor in partnership with Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). This activity is to raise awareness for the conservation of one of country’s main source of water. The clean-up has resulted a collection of 259 kilograms of rubbish and the Nipah trees were planted by 40 MBSB Bank employees.

  • Beach Cleaning

    6 October

    In partnership with Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), this program is focused on the Sepang Gold Coast beach, one of the famous tourist attractions in the Klang Valley. 89 kilograms of trash were collected, sorted and recycled by 41 employees. 300 Adler seedlings and saplings were also planted.

  • Cooking for a Cause (CFAC)

    8 September

    In collaboration with Food Aid Foundation, CFAC is a food distribution program for the community in high density and low income area for 126 families across the country. Since 2015, MBSB Bank staff has been volunteering to prepare and distribute the food to the beneficiaries.

  • Urban Gardening

    10 August

    MBSB Bank partnered with Eat, Shoots and Roots for a program that taught the staff how to grow with decompose items. During this activity, the 30 employees were taught non cultivation gardening methods.

  • Sejahtera Program - Key Handover Ceremony

    7 August

    Head of Strategic Communications Department, Puan Zuhaznim Izzuddin handed the house key to Sejahtera programme recipient.

  • Celebrate the Children

    19 May

    Ramadhan activities with 300 children from Rumah Pengasih Warga Prihatin (RPWP) included Iftar and handing out of duit raya and raya clothes. On the same day, home supplies and groceries were distributed around the Sungai Ramal area to 17 homes.

  • Tree Planting

    12 May

    The tree planting program is in partnership with Forest Reserve Institute Malaysia (FRIM). 56 MBSB Bank staff volunteered to plant 50 trees at a designated area in FRIM.


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