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Together with leading trusted business partners, we provide comprehensive and innovative Wealth Management products to fulfill our customers' financial planning needs.

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M-Edu Takaful

M-Edu Takaful is an education plan with regular takaful contribution that provides protection against death or total and permanent disability (TPD) of the child with savings element until the maturity of takaful certificate. This product is specifically designed for children aged between 30 days to 12 years with flexible options on maturity age.

Motor Takaful
Motor Takaful - Takaful Ikhlas Malaysia

Motor Takaful covers against loss or damage to your own vehicle due to accidental fire, theft or accident, and/or third party bodily injury or death, third party loss or damage.

myPA Care
MyPA Care

Personal Accident Takaful takes care of your family if a serious accident stops you from working or takes you away from them. You'll get affordable, round-the-clock, all-accident coverage - plus double benefits for traffic accidents - without the hassle of medical exams or complex application forms.

myHome Content

Takaful myHome Content is a complete scheme protecting your household contents against any damage or loss caused by common perils such as fire, lightning, explosion, theft, hurricane, earthquake, flood and bursting of water tanks/pipes.

Houseowner Takaful

The Houseowner Takaful plan covers your house structure including the walls, roof, fixtures and fittings, garages, gates and fences.

Will Writing

Everyone should have a will. A will is the only way you can tell others how you want your assets to be distributed when you are no longer around. It is the only way you can provide for people who may depend on you financially such as your children. 


i-Medic is a standalone medical and health plan that provides you comprehensive coverage on medical and hopitalization expenses from hospital room and board charges, surgical fees to emergency accidental out-patient treatment due to disability. Through this Takaful plan, you will enjoy optimal care with benefits that ensures more than just your well-being. 

A-SME Platinum-i

A-SME Platinum-i is designed to administer employee benefit plans for small and medium sized enterprises; primarily with 5-150 employees. It is a one-stop source for all your employees’ benefit needs, providing maximum protection against unexpected death/disability, critical illness and escalating medical expenses. 

Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful (MRTT)

With MRTT product, you can safeguard your home and family against the unexpected, so that they will not be burdened with mortgage repayments or face the possibility of losing their home.

Group Credit Family Takaful (GCFT)

A single contribution plan to provide protection to loan borrower. Now, financiers like banks, finance companies and co-operative loan societies can protect their financial interest on the credit facilities granted to their borrowers, should there be an event of non-repayment due to death or disability. Generally, the coverage amount reduces according to the tenure making it the perfect choice for insuring against term loans


An-Nur is a group yearly renewable term takaful plan that provides a lump sum benefit payment in the event of death, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) or Terminal Illness of the Person Covered resulting from any causes with 24 hours coverage within the period of coverage.


Group GTT Hasanah Takaful Plan is a yearly renewable Group Family Takaful plan. It is designed to provide Takaful protection including Badal Hajj and Waqf, as stated in the Takaful Schedule (applicable for muslims only).

Group Personal Accident (GPA)

Group Personal Accident (GPA) scheme compensates group of persons covered should they suffer bodily injury caused by violent, accidental, external and visible means.

Takaful myBiz Financing

Provides protection for customers who has business financing so that they will not be burdened by business financing payments or face the possibility of losing their business.

Unit Trust Funds – EPF Investment Scheme

Unit Trusts are a form of collective investment that allows investors who seek to maximize their income need under diversified portfolio.

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