The Journey 2.0 Campaign

Campaign Period:

1 June 2019 – 31 May 2020 (Campaign ended)


  1. New and existing customer (subject to subscription of new products or services)
  2. Malaysian residents
  3. Individual & Non-Individual
    (Excluding corporate bodies such as public listed companies, statutory bodies, federal and state government agencies, multi-national companies, cooperatives, etc.)
  4. All eligible customers under respective products and services
  5. Minimum combination of 2 product segments

* Not eligible for employees of MBSB Bank

Eligible Products & Services:

  1. Personal Financing-i
  2. CM Property Financing-i
  3. Equipment Financing-i
  4. Wealth Management Products
  5. Current / Savings Account-i
  6. Term Deposit-i
  7. Online Journey Individual Retail Internet Banking (RIB)

Campaign Entry:

Automatic upon subscription of new products or services. No forms required

Campaign Mechanics

  • Eligible customers will have the chance to win prizes when they subscribe to MBSB Bank products and services as follows:-
    1. Amazing Draw:
      Type of Draw Participation Period Month of Draw (Tentative) Campaign Prizes
      Amazing Draw 1 Jun – Aug 2019 October 2019 Smart Phone x 10 winners
      Amazing Draw 2 Sep – Nov 2019 January 2020 Digital Camera x 10 winners
      Amazing Draw 3 Dec – Feb 2020 April 2020 Cash in PrimeWin CASA-i worth RM5,000 x 5 winners
      Amazing Draw 4 Mar – May 2020 July 2020 Gold Bullion 20g x 5 winners

      * With a minimum of 3 tickets

    2. Grand Draw (All-inclusive travel package for 2):
      Participation Period Month of Draw (Tentative) Campaign Prizes
      June 2019 – May 2020 July 2020 ✓ Umrah / Jordan + Egypt
      ✓ Umrah / Balkans
      ✓ Umrah / Dubai

      * With a minimum of 4 tickets

    3. Mystery Draw:
      Participation Period Month of Draw (Tentative) Campaign Prizes
      June 2019 – May 2020 July 2020 ✓ "Mystery Prize" x 5 winners

      * With a minimum combination of 5 products and services

  • One (1) Eligible Customer'(s) is only entitled to win one (1) prize under “Amazing Draw”. Nevertheless, the winners of the "Amazing Draw" still have the chance to win prizes in the “Grand Draw” and “Mystery Draw”.
  • Customer with a minimum five (5) products and services will be eligible for a “Mystery Draw” which offers a mystery prize. A mystery prize will only be disclosed during winners’ announcement in our website, newspapers, posters, banners, etc.
1 ticket (A) 2 tickets (B)
1* Personal Financing-i (“PF-i”)
(Minimum RM50,000)
Below RM150,000 RM150,000 and above
2 Group Credit Family Takaful
(Bundles product selection)
Reducing Term Level Term
3 Property Financing-i (“CMPF-i”)
(Minimum RM250,000)
Below RM500,000 RM500,000 and above
4 Equipment Financing-i (“IHP-i”)
(Minimum RM200,000)
Below RM250,000 RM250,000 and above
5 Wealth Management products (“WM”)
  1. Advisory products
    • Takaful
      (Minimum RM100 monthly)
Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly payment mode Yearly payment mode
    • Will Writing
Per application N/A
  1. All bundles product payment via financing facilities e.g. MRTT, General Takaful, Hasanah, An-Nur, GPA etc.
Per application N/A
6 CASA-i
(Minimum balance of RM1,000)
Average balance less than RM2,000 Average balance of RM2,000 and above
7 Term Deposit-i
(Minimum balance of RM10,000)
Below RM50,000 RM50,000 and above
8 Online Journey Individual (RIB) Registration Minimum 20 transactions during the period of draw (JomPay/DuitNow)
Note: 3 bonus tickets will be rewarded for Customer in bracket 1, 3 and 4 who open CASA-i and retain deposit balance of minimum RM5,000 during the period of draw*.

Draw Winners

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